Choose your kind of animals

Rearing dairy cattle

Feed young stock according to your own feeding schedule, in a way that hardly takes up any more time. The result? More growth and fewer health problems in the barn and later a higher milk yield.


Goats are sensitive animals and selective eaters. Our precise feeding systems allow you to feed more often and fresher, while maintaining optimal control over the quality and composition of feed rations.


As a sheep farmer you are constantly looking for opportunities for improvement. SIEPLO supports you in this with compact feeding systems that contribute to the health of your ewes, the growth of your lambs and the milk or meat production.


More frequent feeding, flexibility in rations and more control over the feed composition: these are important wishes of many beef farmers. SIEPLO helps you to take the next step in mixed feeding.

Rosé veal calves

Feeding with own feed components, whereby you have optimal control over the feed composition and can dose very accurately per group. It is possible with our smart feeding systems for start-ups and finishers farms.

White veal calves

The best out of your veal calves every day in challenging market conditions. SIEPLO can help you with that. With our flexible feeding systems you are ready for the future. Whatever the future brings.

Future feeding

Helping livestock farmers to feed their cows, calves, sheep or goats even better. That is what drives us at SIEPLO. With our smart and sustainable feeding systems you can optimally meet the natural eating behaviour of your animals. At the same time you can save a lot of time every day.