Feeding systems of the future

A better life for your animals. Better returns for you as a livestock farmer. At SIEPLO, we believe that these go hand in hand. We make sustainable feeding systems that bring you closer than ever to the natural eating behaviour of cows, calves, sheep or goats. In this way, we help you to take the health, welfare and development of your animals to an even higher level. While at the same time getting your work done faster and doing it with more ease. That is why livestock farmers all over the world choose SIEPLO!


Every day is an opportunity to improve and to make our feeding systems even smarter, more sustainable and animal-friendly. What is the inspiration for this? We find it in the stall. Working closely with livestock farmers, integrations, feed suppliers and scientists, we are continuously responding to developments in the market and new insights in animal nutrition.


  • 2006

    Jan Siebelink develops first SIEPLO product together with a farmer, Mr. Ploeg
  • 2007

    Start of series production of mixing buckets
  • 2008

    Development and initial production of stationairy mixing units
  • 2009

    Development and introduction of feed dosing wagon
  • 2010

    Development and and introduction of mix-dosing wagon
  • 2011

    Development of our own weighing system and feeding robot
  • 2012

    SIEPLO becomes a seperate company
  • 2013

    Move tot the new location in Lunteren with floorspace of 1,500m2
  • 2014

    Introduction of new generation of SIEPLO mix-dosing buckets and mix-dosing wagons
  • 2015

    Production 0-series SIEPLO feeding robots
  • 2016

    First machines exported to America and Asia
  • 2017

    Production of fully modernised silage cutter bucket
  • 2018

    Introduction new storage bunker
  • 2019

    Introduction FEEDR®, completely unmanned feeding robot

What we stand for

Animal welfare at the forefront
What is the most important thing in the (further) development of our feeding systems? This is the behaviour of your animals. Everything we do is aimed at improving feed intake and the health of your animals.

Only the best materials
We make no concessions when it comes to the quality of components and systems. As a result, our feeding systems perform smoothly every day under the toughest conditions.

Focusing on the long term
Our feeding systems combine a long service life and low maintenance costs with major labour savings and high feed quality. This means that with SIEPLO you achieve the highest returns over the entire service life while feeding at the lowest possible costs.

Sustainable choices
Energy and fuel costs; these don’t often stand out, but do affect your operating profit. Our feeding systems have low consumption. Good for the environment, even better for your returns.

Assured of service
Our feeding solutions are robust and reliable. What if on the off chance something goes wrong? Then we are there for you.



Caring for the agricultural sector, with a passion for technology and the willingness to do things better every day. That is what makes us SIEPLO. With our team of enthusiastic specialists, we work from our base in the Netherlands on even better and smarter solutions to feed cows, calves, goats and sheep. Our feeding systems make their way to livestock farmers all over the world through a network of dealers.

We develop our feeding systems not only with the head, but also with our heart.