FEEDR® feeding robot

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FEEDR® feeding robot

Exactly the right, individual ration for each animal. Precisely dosed at the right time and always fresh. The FEEDR® makes it possible to match more closely than ever the natural eating behaviour of your animals. This will help you take another step towards even better animal health and higher returns in your business. This unmanned feeding robot goes to the feeding stations itself, mixes the forage into a homogenous mixture and doses the feed in your stalls. Using the central computer or the practical FEEDR® app, you can easily adjust feeding schedules and animal numbers. You will also have accurate insight into feed data, allowing you to optimise feed composition, identify health problems in your animals at an early stage and improve your returns.


The experiences with the FEEDR® feeding robot

  • 1.200 goats

    Geitenhouderij ‘De Nieuwe Riet’, Leusden

    The FEEDR® also provides significant feed savings

    I am very positive about the results of the FEEDR®. I didn’t have to hire any staff, but I can still feed my goats seven times a day (which was a big wish). In addition, I was able to realize a strong improvement in feed efficiency, per 100 kg. milk I now feed 8 kg. concentrate less. In addition to the labor savings, the FEEDR® has therefore resulted in considerable feed savings.

  • 1.750 calves

    Maatschap Pak, Kamerik

    From 2.5 hours of feeding to just 5 minutes of charging.

    Working with the FEEDR® is a development process. In the beginning there were of course disruptions, but now this is minimal. The robot feeds my 1,750 calves twice a day. Every day I feed a total of 6 tons of roughage in rounds of about 5 hours. I used to spend 2.5 hours on the shovel for this, now I only spend 5 minutes loading the storage bunker! I think the realized labor savings are the absolute greatest advantage of the robot.

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