22 September 2020

Easily feeding of round bales with new SIEPLO silagedistributor

Feeding grass silage from round bales is labor-intensive and not efficient for many farmers. SIEPLO changes this with the introduction of a new silagedistributor. This machine has been fully developed with the aim of feeding bales quickly and easily.

There is a great need to feed round bales of silage grass, in which the grass is dosed separately. This in contrast to the known bale unrolling machines. A good solution for simply dosing bales in doses to the cattle is hardly available. The machine has been extensively tested in recent months.

Dose accurately

With the SIEPLO roughage distributor, grass can be fed from the silage as well as from (round) bales. The unique cutting rollers ensure that the bales are completely pulled out for subsequent dosing. This dosing is done by means of a wide discharge belt. Dosing can be done to the left and right of the feed alley, which benefits efficiency. The dosing speed is variably adjustable, so that even dosing can be done evenly for different types of feed and structures.

Watch the video of the roughage distributor here and read more information.

The solution for feeding round bales!